The new Open API program is part of the “So Open with Somfy” strategy. At Somfy, we are convinced that the key is to be at the heart of the home with the multi‐brand management of essential domestic equipment, but also to make smart home opportunities accessible to as many people as possible by opening up our ecosystem to other ecosystems of objects or services. The Open API program will give access to third players to Somfy solutions through a new unified platform, starting with Somfy motorized rolling shutters associated with Somfy Smart Home solutions (TaHoma or Connexoon). The Somfy Connected Thermostat and Somfy motorizations for interior blinds will follow during summer 2018.

The So Open with Somfy program and associated tools have been designed to be accessible to any developer, part of IoT companies or schools or individuals: our APIs will be open to anyone willing to have access, after initial authorization (authentication, agreement of legal Terms and Conditions …) and respecting the Somfy brand, ethic and guidelines on the “Works with Somfy” logo usage.

The documented API is only available for end-users from Europe, Middle-East and Africa.

You could be interested to control Somfy products directly from your app and therefore enrich your end users home experience: control home openings and closures or window solar protection, connected alarms systems and cameras, connected thermostat … With access to our Rolling Shutters environment (the first to be available), you will be able to control millions of motors installed and sold, meaning touching millions of end-users, whatever the protocol used (RTS or io-homecontrol). You could develop smart applications combined with rolling shutters with real benefits for people (comfort, intimacy, security...). Finally, you could beneficiate from Somfy brand awareness and promote the fact that your brand is compatible, using the “Works with Somfy” logo.

We plan to promote the IoT companies using our APIs and promoting our solutions. You may be contacted by our teams for communication purpose, like adding your logo on the So Open with Somfy developer portal and be mentioned as a new comer in the “news” page.

Somfy Open APIs give you the possibility to integrate the control of Somfy products in your own system.

Our own Smart Home system, TaHoma, is compatible with Somfy products, major brand of home equipment (TaHoma compatible partners) and open ecosystems (like Amazon Alexa, IFTTT…). We keep on expanding the compatibilities of the TaHoma platform, partnering with new companies on a regular basis and working together with our partners to propose use cases answering to key user’s needs and a high quality of service, including market training and animation on both sides. Should you believe a compatibility of your offer within TaHoma could be a real opportunity on the EMEA Smart Home market, we would be happy to talk together.

First, the users must use the Somfy applications to create their accounts, activate the products and pair end devices with the Somfy hubs (like Somfy motorizations to be paired with TaHoma or Connexoon). Once this is completed and the integration of Somfy APIs in your app done, users can connect their Somfy accounts to your app (through the account linking to be found in your app).

There are a number of common reasons why this could result with an “invalid_grant” error:

  • The client_id and client_secret used in the header of the request do not match the ones delivered to your app.
  • It can be caused by an URI issue. Either you're not specifying the same URI in your calls, or the one you specified didn't match the one you associated with your app in your account settings.
  • The authorization code has expired. The one that is returned to your application has a very short validity period which implies that you need to perform the two requests to our Authorization Server on a small-time interval.

Somfy OAuth window language is based on the browser locale, not on your application language. Unfortunately, there is no way to force the OAuth window language.

Are you sure to use the correct account ? The only authorized account to connect to your App is the account that owns this App. If you want other accounts to be able to link with your app then contact us giving us the context of your approval request.

The main reason why you could receive an empty response is that the current user that performs the request has no site created in the Somfy universe yet.

The issue could be one of the following:

  • The devices attached to the current site are not yet supported by the Somfy APIs.
  • There is no device attached to the current site yet.

Our end devices use different radio protocols to communicate with the gateways. Some of those protocols are based on a one-way communication such as RTS. Devices that are using those protocols will only accept commands without returning their states.

Unfortunately, there are no test accounts for the moment.

At the moment, there is no webhook mechanism available. 

The only way to access data and send commands to the devices is via the Somfy APIs.